Why Mana Tech Connect, get funded, and thrive

Our mission is to provide equal opportunities for entrepreneurs, regardless
of their location, creating a world where investing in startups from
San Francisco to São Paulo carries the same potential.

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    Great ideas know no borders

    Great founders can be found everywhere. We know how to find them.

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    Invest more than capital

    We are founders ourselves, so we understand the challenges, and the joys, of building a startup.

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    A global diverse network

    We bring more insights, drawn from a diverse international network for bigger results.

Latam Focus Accelerating the LatAm
startup ecosystem

We are making it easier for US investors to invest
in Latin American Food and Agtech startups.

Driving Impact in LatAm

Bridging the gap for Latin American impact startups, we connect founders with industry leaders, mentors, and growth experts to foster global success and unleash regional innovation without slowing down. From March to June 2023, we’ve selected 12 Impact Food & AgTech startups from Latin America, seeking a US-Series round, will benefit from our remote, no-cost support, empowering them to scale and make a lasting impact on the global stage.

In partnership with Mana Agro

Mana Tech and Mana Agro join forces to combat food scarcity and empower Latin America’s agricultural sector. With over 1,000 hectares of productive land, advanced dairy farms, and thriving fruit farms, we leverage technology and innovation to drive progress. As majority shareholders in Colombia’s largest marketplace, croper.com, we provide 800,000+ small farmers with easy access to goods, services, and technological advances.

Our Portfolio

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    Corporate Partners

    Providing financial support and enhancing experiences with perks.

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    Industry Experts

    Guiding participants to success with webinars and resources.

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    Shining a light on the path forward for participants.

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    Betting big by betting on Demo Day startups.