Mana Tech and Base Miami have partnered in order to revolutionize Miami into the next great tech hub for Latin American and Caribbean entrepreneurs.

What Changes?

The merger will bolster Base Miami’s U.S. market entry accelerator, enabling us to further develop our programs and build an engaged startup community for Latin American and Caribbean entrepreneurs in Miami. Alongside Mana Tech it will allow us to develop additional layers of infrastructure and investment opportunities.

Why Base Miami?

  • Accelerate your learning.

    Learn the necessary tools to thrive in the US market, achieving in only 3 months what would usually take you 18 on your own.

  • Save time and money.

    It is easy to waste resources when entering a new market. Don’t worry, we are here to support you in a highly efficient way.

  • Walk with the right guidance.

    We were entrepreneurs with a great vision just like you. We know perfectly well what it takes to succeed in the US as a Latin company.

Our Programs

  • Market Entry Bootcamp

    Learn everything you need to know to take your first steps into the US Market. In this 12-week virtual cohort you will learn the essentials that you need to have in place before your US expansion.

  • Market Fit

    This one-on-one program gives you access to our deep network of industry experts and mentors that guide you from an unverified “guess” about your US expansion requirements to a deep understanding of how things work, where your product/service fits and how to sell it.

  • Miami Immersion Week

    Immersion Week is a five-day program where aspiring entrepreneurs from Latin America join together to experience startup life in Miami. Learn what it takes to innovate and start a company in the US from people who have walked the walk.

  • Open Shop

    Focus on your core business and expansion requirements whilst we set up your US operations. We provide a ready-to-go back office operation that can handle all the administrative details for you.

About Mana Tech

Mana Tech is the technology-focused division of Mana Common, a platform for urban revitalization and community building that aims to successfully transform urban areas into dynamic and sustainable neighborhoods. Its mission is to cultivate a thriving and innovative tech community in Miami to position it as the next great tech hub, with a culture of innovation and a fertile environment for growth.

About Base Miami

Base Miami is a U.S. Market Entry Accelerator that was formed on the foundation to help Latin American & Caribbean companies with their ambition to expand into new horizons and thrive in the Miami market, by giving them the right education and network so that they can accomplish any business objective they work towards in the US.

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